Mzima Springs Visit, Tsavo National Park

On collection from your hotel, transfer with your guide to Mzima Springs. A series of four natural springs and one of the biggest attractions located in Tsavo West National Park.

The source of the springs is a natural reservoir under the Chyulu Hills to the North. The Chyulu Hills are comprised of volcanic lava rock and ash which is too porous to allow rivers to flow. Instead the rain water infiltrates through the rock spending up to twenty-five years underground before emerging 30 miles away at the Mzima Springs. This environmental purification process produces Mzima’s famous clear pools, rapids and stream. There are two large pools which are linked by the rapids and lined with palm trees. One mile further downstream and the water is blocked by solidified lava where the water disappears below the surface again.

On arrival, walk through the springs and enjoy the relaxing, calm, peaceful and scenic surroundings. This haven is a welcomed break from the red dust and heat of Tsavo National Park. Listen out for the Vervet monkeys and tropical birds whom you will definitely hear before seeing. Keep your eyes peeled for multi-colored butterflies flitting through the trees, crocodiles stalking the banks as well as the resident and sometimes elusive pods of hippos.

Make your way to the underwater viewing hut where you can see the crocodiles swimming, hippos walking and fish sleeping through viewing glass only an inch from your face. Once you have had your fill, head back to your accommodation with your guide and vehicle.


  • View hippos, crocodiles and fish from the underwater viewing hide

  • Natural springs lined with palm trees

  • Location of Alan Root's 1983 film: Mzima: Portrait of a Spring

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