Quad Bike Adventure, Swakopmund

Join this scenic quad bike drive that combines beautiful landscapes, magical colours and the way of life of  the Topnaar people that survive and thrive in the harsh desert, as well as the surrounding fauna. The drive is a 2-3 hour scenic and educational drive.

Walvis Bay lies about 30km south of Swakopmund, accessed on a stunning ocean road and surrounded by mighty dunes, it is a pleasant town with a relaxed feel to it. The area around Walvis Bay is home to a number of unique natural attractions, including a healthy population of sea birds, pelicans and flamingos. 

Your first stop is the Walvis Bay Lagoon, a must for keen bird watchers. The Lagoon has more than hundred bird species and the biggest flamingo population in Southern Africa. Next is the Walvis Bay Salt works where you will find a vibrant array of incredible colours courtesy of mother nature.  This is also your first introduction to dune driving; an exhilarating and incredibly fun experience that will no doubt be a trip highlight.

The quad bike tour will offer plentiful photo opportunities, from the prehistoric animal footprints, created during a time when the Kuiseb Delta had more water, to the incredibly adaptive desert vegetation and of course the local wildlife including the 'Small Five': lizard, geckos, scorpions, snakes and spiders. 

You will also meet the Topnaars, who are a semi-nomadic tribe divided into two groups; The Southern Aonin group and the Northern Gomen group. The Gomen Topnaars are settled close to Sesfontein, while the Aonin Topnaars are settled at the mouth of the Kuiseb River Valley. They live a life that relies on herding goats, and are also adapted to the dry coastal desert environment of the Namib. The relatively rich plant life of the Kuiseb River Valley has provided them with additional sources of food, particularly the well-known Nara melon plant. 

The minimum age to ride a quad bike, if unaccompanied, is 14 years old. If the quad bike is shared with the parents, this will be at the parent’s discretion.

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