Rhino Tracking, Waterberg Plateau

There are not many countries in Africa where it is possible to go rhino tracking on foot, however Namibia offers the exception. 

Waterberg (or water mountain) is a massive Table Mountain east of Otjiwarongo in the northern reaches of central Namibia. It is about 50km long, up to 16km wide and rises from the plains of the Omaheke, as this part of the Kalahari is known, to a height of up to 200 metres.

Waterberg is famous for the nature reserve established on the plateau in 1972. Waterberg Plateau Park is home of game such as buffalo, white and black rhino and giraffe. You can explore the wonderful world of the Waterberg on a guided rhino tracking tour.

Venture out by safari vehicle in the early morning and admire the wonderful landscapes. An experienced guide will accompany you as you cross the Waterberg region as you search for rhino. You will then leave your vehicle and track the rhino carefully and silently on foot. When you are closer but at a safe distance, you will have a few minutes to take photos before heading back to the vehicle.

Whilst you are out, it is likely that you will see other animals such as oryx or red hartebeest, kudu or giraffe. The tracking will take about two to three hours and physical fitness is a must.


  • Put on your hiking shoes and track the rhino carefully and silently on foot

  • Spot other animals on the way such as the red hartebeest, kudu or giraffe

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If you’re looking for wide open spaces and an ‘other-worldly-feel’ to your holiday, then Namibia is your best location in southern Africa. I drove from Sossusvlei area all the way to Swakopmund with a friend of mine, where all of a sudden, the desert descends and you reach coast, surrounded by palm trees; it is a phenomenal contrast and gives one a great sense of achievement having driven all that way.

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