Vacations to Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

Said to be the best-preserved rainforest in central Africa, Nyungwe National Park covers over 1,000 square kilometers of lush greenery wrapping the pristine mountains. It is also believed to be the one of the oldest forests on the continent, remaining green even through the last Ice Age. The forest visibly and audibly teems with life, smells, sights and sounds which combine to give any visitor memories which will last a lifetime.

One of the forest's most popular activities is primate and chimpanzee tracking, as it is home to around 400 different species of humanity's closest relatives. Well-trained guides take visitors through the forest in search of these fascinating animals, and while meeting them can't be guaranteed, you'll learn plenty about their natural habitats and enjoy some stunning scenery as you go. Be prepared for an early start though, as chimpanzees are at their most active as day breaks. 

To get a true idea of the scale and beauty of Nyungwe Forest, the canopy walk is an absolute must. At 50 meters above the rainforest floor, the walk winds around the tops of centuries old trees and gives you a whole new perspective on this amazing place, offering you the chance to see Blue Monkeys frolicking, and birds going about their business. 

In the heart of Nyungwe is the Banda village. Something of a hidden gem it's a cultural destination that educates the mind and inspires the soul. Here, visitors can meet the forest inhabitants and learn about their culture and traditions such as maize grinding, tea plantations and medicine making. Overnight visitors at the village also get to enjoy the local cuisine and witness the spectacular fire-starting ceremony, complete with traditional dancing. 


  • Track chimpanzees and other primates on a trek through the mountain forests

  • See the forest from above on the canopy walk

  • Look and listen for the rife bird life in the canopy

  • Visit Banda village on a guided trek and learn about the local's fascinating cultures

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Map of Nyungwe Forest National Park