Vacations to the Winelands, South Africa

While most tourists who arrive in Cape Town make a beeline straight for the beaches in the south and west, a growing number of more discerning visitors are heading in the opposite direction, into the mountains to the Winelands. Here, they are met with some of South Africa's most breathtaking scenery typified by colorful flowers growing on undulating hillsides and mountains against a sky so huge it defies description.

The majestic mountain ranges around Franschhoek and Stellenbosch provide perfect microclimates for vines for flourish. Some of the vineyards and wine estates here date back as far as the 18th century from during the times of European settlement, and are often characterized by Cape Dutch style architecture.

There are 18 official wine tours in the Winelands, not to mention two brandy tours. Each tour features several of the wine estates and will take you through some of the area's most superb landscapes, allowing you time to take in the natural beauty of this stunning province whilst sampling some of its finest wines and brandies as you go.

The town of Franschhoek, nestled in between towering mountains, is well-worth putting on an itinerary. It's the center of an area known as "the gourmet capital of South Africa". As the country's food and wine capital, it's an essential place to stop for foodies and oenophiles. The vineyards here were established over 300 years ago by French Huguenot settlers, who brought the age-old tradition of their homeland with them. The town itself is also worth exploring. With small boutiques, market stalls and art galleries, it's the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs.

Of course, it's not all about food and wine. The Winelands is also home to Kogelberg Nature Reserve, often cited as being the most beautiful of South Africa's many reserves, as well as Mont Rochelle. Both places offer nature lovers plenty of trekking opportunities and a chance to take in some of the awe-inspiring scenery of pristine nature, wild and free. Diverse and colorful flora and fauna litter the endless hills broken only by jagged rocky outcroppings.

With superb food, amazing wines and magnificent views, discovering South Africa's Winelands is an unforgettable experience.



  • Tour the vineyards and centuries-old wine estates

  • Tickle your tastebuds in gourmet capital Franschhoek

  • Sip cocktails and watch the sun set over the mountains

  • Enjoy nature in Mont Rochelle or Kogelberg Nature Reserve

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A country that has it all, from beach, to wildlife, to a vibrant city and rolling vineyards to explore. Having a South African father, this country has always had a special place in my heart.

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