Vacations to Lake Tanganyika, Zambia

The greatest of the African Great Lakes, Tanganyika is a geographical colossus. The world's second largest and second deepest freshwater lake straddles four African nations: Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi and Zambia. If you're seeking a slice of the sublime in your African adventure, this is the place to visit: 645 kilometers long and nearly 50 kilometers wide, it's teeming with marine life, including fearsome Nile crocodiles and rare, endemic species of Cichlid fish.

Zambia's tiny slice of the lake still offers visitors plenty to explore. There's only one way to start your adventure at Lake Tanganyika: dive in. With over 300 species of exotic and endemic fish species and clear waters reaching up to 23 degrees Celsius, it's time to get up close and personal with the great lake. To dry off, hit one of the idyllic beaches fringing the lake's southern edge. With crisp white sand, sleepy palm fronds and glorious sunset views, it's worth bringing a picnic, a good book and take a day out to enjoy pure relaxation.

See a different side to the lake - and get a rush of adrenaline while you're at it - with a kite-surfing expedition on the water. This is a great way to appreciate some the scale of Lake Tanganyika and the picturesque landscapes of its winding shoreline. Perhaps share this aeronautical adventure with your partner for a date neither of you will forget in a hurry.

When you're ready to set foot on dry land again, Nsumbu (or Sumbu) National Park is within easy reach. Embark on safari to see iconic wildlife including lions, elephants, antelope, hippos and crocodiles. Depending on how outdoorsy you are, it's a fine camping spot, where you can wake up to beautiful views of Lake Tanganyika, or you can stay in one of two lodges on the shore and enjoy some creature comforts while you take in the ambience and scenery.

Anglers - this is the water of your dreams. Lake Tanganyika draws visitors from around the world thanks to its renowned - and abundant - Giant Nile Perch and Small Nile Perch populations. For those with a competitive streak, there is a hotly contested annual fishing tournament hosted around March by Ndole Bay Lodge.


  • Dive into Lake Tanganyika

  • Relax on Ndole beach

  • Take to the skies and kitesurf

  • Explore Sumbu National Park

  • Angle for victory in a fishing competition

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Map of Lake Tanganyika