Vacations to Danum Valley, Borneo

Danum Valley is an area of protected rainforest in Borneo, preserved by the the Malaysian and state governments to stop the impact of palm oil plantations on the remaining 43,800 hectares of valley. This protected status means visitor numbers are limited, ensuring the conservation of the lush vegetation and wild species that make the rainforest one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. 

To get to Danum Valley, you’ll bump along a road for over two hours from Lahad Datu, travelling deeper and deeper into the dense jungle that towers with 70-meter-high trees and shadowed by the imposing Mount Danum. An abundance of adventure and wildlife awaits you once you’ve completed the slightly bone-jarring journey.

You get the very best of what Borneo has to offer in Danum Valley. All the country’s headline wildlife is found here: pygmy elephants, wild orangutan, proboscis monkeys, Malayan sun bears, red leaf monkeys, flying squirrels, macaques, sambar deer, bearded pig and gibbons. Then there are armies of frogs and kaleidoscopes of butterflies. Being in the Danum Valley plunges you into your very own wildlife documentary and you'll soon be channeling your inner David Attenborough.

River boat trips are a great way to explore this rainforest with overexerting yourself. To journey downstream, take a trip in a river tube, a rubber ring that gently floats you down the Danum River. Back on dry land, the canopy walkway elevates you high above the jungle floor, giving you an amazing viewpoint to search for the more elusive animals that populate Danum Valley.

A complex system of trails lead you around the conservation area and to intriguing sites like an ancient Kadazandusun burial site known as Coffin Cliff. As night falls, an even more exhilarating experience awaits on a night drive around the rainforest on the search for deer, wild cats and elephants with a haunting soundtrack provided by the jungle’s night creatures.


  • Intrepid jungle adventures

  • A concentration of Borneo’s best wildlife

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Map of Danum Valley

When to go to Danum Valley

The dry season from late March to early October is a great time to visit Danum Valley when there's little rainfall and a great chance of spotting the local wildlife.

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