Vacations to Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Mondulkiri means ‘Meeting of the Hills,’ signalling you’ve left behind the lowlands of the west and have entered a world of lush jungle, which just so happens to be teaming with wildlife. Despite being the largest province of Cambodia, Mondulkiri is the least densely populated with just 60,000 inhabitants – that’s just eleven people per square kilometer! Whilst the infrastructure is lacking and the journey long, the region is well worth the effort if you’re looking for the ultimate ‘off the beaten track’ experience. Of course, the real attraction here is the majestic Asian Elephant.

Elephant experiences range from full day experiences to two day treks, ensuring there’s a pace to suit all types of traveler. Most treks are based around Sen Monorom, specifically the villages of Putang and Phulung, an area filled with lush tropical forest and brimming with waterfalls – the most famous being Bou Sraa – the largest waterfall in Cambodia. Aside from the elephants, keep your eyes open and you may be lucky enough to see a rarely spotted leopard or bear. At VIVID we look to go above and beyond traditional animal ethics policy and are extremely disciplined in who we work with, so you can rest assured the experience is rewarding and positive for both yourself and the elephants. Relax and enjoy!

Away from the wildlife and natural beauty of the region, we recommend spending time with a local Hill Tribe to gain an insight into the unique way of life in Mondulkiri.


  • Spend time with Asian Elephants

  • Dramatic landscape filled with waterfalls

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