The Elephant Valley Project, Mondulkiri

Today you'll visit the Elephant Valley Project, or ELIE as it is also known. ELIE provides an alternative approach to elephant care, rehabilitation, and conservation, with the focus on letting elephants be themselves. Riding of elephants is not permitted here, and they aren’t put to work either.

After an introductory briefing, you’ll descend into the valley where you’ll find the elephants foraging for food in the forest or splashing about in the river. Many of the elephants were rescued from tourist-related enterprises in Cambodia, while others are brought by Mahouts who can no longer take care of their elephant on their own.

After a morning of observing the elephants, you’ll enjoy an extended lunch break before visiting the elephants in a different location. Here you’ll learn about their behavior, and the care they receive to nurse them back to health and keep them happy in their retirement. You’ll also learn about the Bunong people who have lived around Mondulkiri for thousands of years, before returning to your hotel. 

A visit to the ELIE project is only possible Monday-Friday. At the weekend, the elephants head off to a distant site to relax. Due to its location, this tour is not suitable for visitors with mobility issues.


  • Beautiful countryside and valleys

  • Encounter rescued elephants

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