Vacations to Prey Veng, Cambodia

Prey Veng is a lesser-explored province in Cambodia. It’s a quiet part of the country, but a busy highway runs through it, linking Phnom Penh and Saigon in Vietnam. The capital of the province, also named Prey Veng, is found on this route. If you’re looking for a little deviation from the typical tourist trail, a diversion to this city will submerge you into authentic Cambodian life.

The old colonial buildings around the town hint at Prey Veng’s illustrious past, when it was thriving and busy. Today, there’s a slower pace here. There’s a little market not far from the seafront to explore, and a stroll around the town will have you happening upon pagodas and temples like the crimson and gold Sun Samy Pagoda.

The area’s main industry is agriculture and the local farmers use the land to the west of the city to cultivate rice. Visitors can get to know more about the area’s industries with a visit to the Fish Growing Center, a nature and wildlife reserve in Peam Ror Commune, not far from the provincial town. The main reason for visiting Prey Veng is the Ecolodge at the heart of the Sanctuary, where you’ll enjoy wildlife treks, bird spotting and community activities like rice harvesting and planting.

North of Prey Veng city is the little town of Chong Srok, that has a seventh century temple built of brick and sandstone. It’s noted as one of the best religious sites of the province, built on a high ground in a field of palm trees in a particularly picturesque region.


  • Spot rare wildlife and stay in a rural ecolodge

  • A sleepy province where you can delve into authentic local life

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