Angkor Thom Scavenger Hunt, Siem Reap

Awaken your inner Indiana Jones with this fun-filled Angkor Thom Scavenger Hunt. Head to the ancient city of Angkor Thom at 8:00am (khaki trousers and shirt optional) to begin your adventure. Your guide will give you a map and a list of clues for you to figure out.

You’ll start at the South Gate, wandering around statues of mythological demons and gods, unlocking clues and snapping photos for your scavenger hunt as you go. As you play the game, you’ll learn facts about sites like the historic Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace of the Leper King.

Once you’ve got all the photos you need, regroup with your guide, share photos and discuss the quiz answers to see how many you got right. Winners will get a magnificent prize.


  • Learn while you play (perfect for children)

  • Interact with this breath-taking 7th new wonder of the world

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