Vacations to Beijing, China

Beijing is a metropolis of gigantic proportions. Visitors find themselves swept along in an urban hubbub that’s frenetically-paced and exciting, crammed with fascinating ancient and modern architecture that documents Beijing’s triumphs throughout its long and complex history.

At the center of Beijing lies the heart of the city’s heritage - The Forbidden City. Once home to ancient Chinese emperors, it’s a huge royal palace (and by huge, we mean there are more than 1,000 buildings here) and it’s one of the city’s six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You enter the palace from Tiananmen Square and a visit is the perfect kicking-off point to immerse yourself in China’s past. Even if you feel a bit overwhelmed from the enormity of The Forbidden City, don’t be put off heading slightly south to see The Temple of Heaven. This charming building is where the ancient emperors went to pray for good harvests. Similarly, don’t miss The Summer Palace, a hilltop retreat for those same emperors, with a vast lake and wonderful views.

The Great Wall, a must-see on any trip to Beijing, carves its way through the hills north of the city and marks the eastern section of this incredible icon. The most popular places to see it from Beijing and Mutianyu, but in order to avoid the masses and their selfie sticks, then we recommend heading to the sections of Jinshanling, Simatai, Huangyaguan and Huanghuacheng.

When all the major historic sights are checked off your list, Beijing doesn’t disappoint when it comes to galleries, museums and modern architecture. The city’s 798 Art District is particularly notable. It’s an old factory site that now houses impressive art galleries and chichi coffee shops. It’s well worth a stroll even if you don’t know your Pollock from your Munch. Architecture aficionados won’t want to miss Beijing’s Olympic Stadium, the iconic Bird’s Nest from the 2008 Olympic Games.

Beijingers love to eat out and the city’s 60,000 restaurants are vying for their business. Happily for tourists, this means no shortage of places to try the city’s famous cuisine. So reward your sight-seeing efforts and digest your new-found knowledge of Imperial China with dishes of noodles, dumplings, and of course Peking Duck.



  • China’s sprawling megalopolis is peppered with dazzling ancient and modern architecture

  • Home to world-famous sights including The Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China

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