Tai Chi at the Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Want to try your hand at Tai Chi? There is no better place to have a go at this ancient Chinese martial art than at the Temple of Heaven. A peaceful 267 hectare park, it’s a true oasis in one of China’s most bustling urban metropolises.

The park is home to an imperial complex of religious buildings where, many moons ago, the emperor of the day performed rites praying for good harvests. From above, the temple halls are round atop square bases, which is a nod to the belief that heaven is round and earth is square. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been praised for its symbolic layout “[the] design of the Temple of Heaven had a profound influence on architecture and planning in the Far East over many centuries.”

At your hour long private Tai Chi class you’ll get to grips with the basic steps of this fascinating martial art.  You’ll also practice some ancient methods to help improve you Qi (internal energy) and promote good health. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner, the lesson will be adapted to your ability. Once your class finishes you’ll go on a short tour of the Temple of Heaven to learn more about the history of this area.  


  • Learn Tai Chi with a local expert

  • Tour the Temple of Heaven

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