Morning at the Giant Panda Research Base, Chengdu

If you want to meet cared for pandas in China, this is the place to do it. Home to nearly 120 giant and 76 red pandas, this non-profit research facility is the largest center for captive pandas in the world. Until recently pandas were an endangered species, but thanks to recent conservation efforts the panda has been upgraded from an endangered to a vulnerable species.

During your time here a guide will give you a tour of the research base and you’ll learn all about development from a baby to a fully grown panda. You may even get a chance to visit the baby panda area where you’ll see what vibrant animals they are. You’ll also get to see adolescent pandas and full-grown adult pandas eating, sleeping and playing.

It’s one of Chengydu’s most popular attractions, so you’ll be heading there in the morning to avoid big crowds. This time of the day is also when the pandas are most active and often feeding, so it’s great for watching them interact. In the afternoon – especially when it’s hot – they’ll often ignore visitors in favor of their air conditioned living quarters. Who could blame them?

If you visit in fall or winter you may get a chance to see the tiny new-borns in the nursery and if you head over in spring it’s the ‘falling in love period’ (if you know what we mean).


  • Meet gorgeous cared for Pandas

  • Support a worthy and ethical facility

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