Vacations to Fenghuang, China

No combination of adjectives seems to do Fenghuang justice. Visit for yourself and try to put it into words and you’ll understand the predicament we find ourselves in. Quite simply, Fenghuang is one of the most beautiful towns in all of China. It sits on the banks of the turquoise Tuo River, sprawling up the hillsides with incredible Ming and Qing architecture, and myriad bridges traversing its mother river.

This ancient frontier town marked the boundary of the Han civilizations of China’s central plains, and the beginning of the southwest mountains, ruled by the Miao, Tujia and Dong minorities. While the town erected its mighty walls during the Ming dynasty, Fenghuang still prospered as a center of trade, and began its life as the cultural melting pot that we see today.

By day, take the time to explore this most beautiful of towns on foot. Walk the riverside boardwalks, visit its magnificent towers and temples, cross its bridges, and get lost in the winding alleys that weave their way between the precarious stilt houses. If you’d like to see Fenghuang from the Fuo River, you can haggle a boat ride from the North Gate down to the Wanshou Temple.

A day trip to Fenghuang simply won’t do. This ancient town comes to life when the sun goes down. Lanterns line the streets and illuminate the hillsides, reflecting in the river and guiding revelers to the waterside bars to enjoy music, karaoke, and bargain beer. Street food vendors are dotted around for hungry stomachs craving dumplings and grilled meats. It’s lively, and at times uproarious, but the notorious nightlife is the perfect ying to the peaceful yang of Fenghuang during the day.


  • One of China’s most beautiful and authentic ancient towns

  • Built along the Tuo River, and lined with famous stilt houses

  • Chinese for 'Phoenix', Fenghuang is known as the Phoenix Ancient Town

  • Spectacularly lit up at night with karaoke and street food to enjoy

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