Zhu’s Family Garden Hotel, Jianshui

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  • Stay in real museum rooms, full of original and replica furniture from the Zhu’s long family history
  • Really close to East Gate and the Confucian Temple
  • Set in the heart of town – step out into alleys and plenty of eating options within walking distance


Step through the doors and be transported 150 years back into the past. The Zhu Family Garden Hotel (and museum) has become the most famous tourist attraction across this area of the Yunnan Province, above and beyond even the local Confucian temples. This museum and hotel was home of the Zhus, who were influential locally.

The Zhu brothers built this magnificent home and gardens during the Qing Dynasty. The garden, with its 42 courtyards, measures an astounding 20,000 square metres, and took all of thirty years to complete! At one time, any unauthorised access was strictly forbidden, but this once private residence has now been opened up to visitors to enjoy it in all its splendour.

Today’s hotel not only offers accommodation but is frequented by plenty of day trippers to experience a perfectly preserved piece of residential life from 150 years ago. A market and plenty of live entertainment also bring this ancient home back to life. Visit the Plum Hall Room, Chrysanthemum Garden Room and Blue Courtyard Room, Bamboo Garden Room and 24 other guest rooms, opened to tourists.

This charming hotel provides a boutique experience - stripped back, and very simple. It is furnished with character throughout, with antique, original furniture including beds, lanterns, chairs, stools and lanterns, alongside exquisite sculpture, giving you a feel for daily life in the Qing Dynasty. Guides who lead visitors around these historical grounds dress in authentic Qing clothing to fully capture the Qing experience.

The beds are antique too (and a little small, which you’d expect considering the historically small stature of the peoples who would have occupied them!), but bathrooms are more modern. The quaint old hotel provides easy access to the town beyond, with lovely old alley ways, shops, and great places to eat, open until late. Many famous scholars were raised here during the Ming and Ching Dynasties.

As a guest of the hotel, of course you will not have to pay for entry to the wonderful gardens and fascinating house come museum. Wait until the day-trippers leave, and you’ll find yourself in a quiet, atmospheric and serene environment, all to yourself. Sit out on the verandah of the café (come souvenir shop by day) with a tea, coffee or beer and drink it all in.


  • High Speed Internet

  • Onsite Cafe/shop

  • Museum

  • Gardens

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