Vacations to Jiayuguan, China

The Jiayuguan Fort marks the point where the ancient Silk Road arrives at the Great Wall of China. With the Gobi Desert on one side and the snowy mountains on the other, visiting this landscape is a truly spectacular sight, and one of the most defining and memorable moments of the Silk Road.

Jiayuguan is the greatest, oldest and most legendary pass of the Great Wall of China. It became known as the ‘mouth’ of China as it marked the western gateway to civilised ancient China. It welcomed traders from around the world and fought off barbarians from the Asian territories beyond. Sitting at the narrowest point of the Hexi Corridor, strategically it was perfect for protecting the country from would-be invaders.

Take your time to marvel at the Ming dynasty fortress, which dates back to 1372. Before you leave, it’s worth making the short trip into the mountains to see the spectacle that is the Overhanging Great Wall, which used to connect to the fortress. Miraculously, it snakes its way through the Black Mountain. From a distance, it looks like a great dragon coiled around the terrain.

In Jiayuguan you can also pay your respects at the intricate Temple of Guanyu, which was built to the namesake general of the Kingdom of Shu, who earned the reputation for being invincible.


  • Where the ancient Silk Road meets the Great Wall of China

  • Home to the legendary Jiayunguan Fort

  • At the narrowest point of the Hexi Corridor

  • Marvel at the Overhanging Great Wall

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