Vacations to Meili Snow Mountain, China

Meilishan and the surrounding Snow Mountain National Park straddles the border between Yunnan and Tibet. For those visiting Yunnan and wishing to add a hike to their trip, it is a fantastic off the beaten track location and a beautiful alternative to the commonly visited Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. 

There are two main hikes – one to Yubeng Waterfall and one to the Ice Lake. These hikes are both physically challenging and not to be undertaken lightly; you’ll need to trek with overnight provisions for your stay in either Lower or Upper Yubeng. The hikes take around four to five hours, and we also recommend taking a day to acclimatise because the altitude can cause sickness. That being said, the rewards for coming to Meili Snow Mountain are innumerable. The mountain itself is regarded as a Devine Mountain by the locals, as a result it is ingrained with Tibetan culture and often a pilgrimage site for Tibetans from surrounding provinces. 


  • Meilishan is home to two famous, glacial hikes

  • Visit the Meili Snow Mountain National Park

  • Stay overnight in the prayer flag wrapped Yubeng Village

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Meili Snow Mountain Trip Ideas

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Meili Snow Mountain