Huozhou Hotel, Silk Road, China

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  • Right next to the Desert Ecological Tourist Zone of Turpan, and other local attractions
  • A clean, comfortable stay in the heart of Turpan


In the heart of the old town, you’ll find the 4* Huozhou Hotel. The 145 well-furnished rooms, all stocked with the amenities you need, are neatly decorated. The food available in the restaurant has a distinctly local taste, with typical Xinjiang flavours on offer. This sizeable hotel, surrounded by an artificial lake and just adjacent to the local public park, is a perfect “pied a terre” for the keen sightseer of the Turpan area.

Conveniently located in the west of Turpan city, Houzhou Hotel is an elegant establishment within easy reach of the area’s finest attractions. With large bathrooms and comfy beds, you’ll be sure to have a soothing night’s sleep, so you can wake up fresh for the morning’s adventures. As soon as you walk inside you’ll noticed the stylish, intricate decor and impressive staircase and be greeted by the friendly staff.

Hotel facilities include a restaurant, a lobby bar and a chess and pool room where you can spend some serious down time. Use the Houzhou Hotel as your base for exploring the city. Turpan has much to offer. Take in the otherworldly architecture of the sand coloured Emin Minaret, the tallest minaret in all of China.

Or head to the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves - a stunning system of 77 caves which date back to between the 5th and 14th century, which contain hundreds of Buddha murals.

A journey to the Kumtag desert area is well worth your while. The dunes maintain the otherworldly aesthetic many Turpan sites offer, with mile upon mile of sinuous sand dune winding away to the horizon.

If you prefer to stay nearer to home one day, saunter down to the Turpan Museum to be confronted by some astounding artefacts (and for free!). As part of the Silk Road, this area was frequented by traders from many parts of the world, resulting in a wonderful collection of multi-cultural artefacts.

As well as a vast collection of dinosaur fossils and eggs, and many well-preserved mummies (the oldest of which being 3200 years old!), the museum houses many ancient documents in many languages. For a breath of fresh air, enjoy a wander down to Qingnian Road for a pleasantly shaded promenade (at least, through the months of the year when the overhanging grape vines are in leaf).


  • Restaurant

  • Games Room

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Bar

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