Kashgar Market Tours, Silk Road

One of the world’s largest markets, the Kashgar Sunday Bazaar, is a hullabaloo of traders and crowds buying and selling goods. Around 200,000 people descend on the market each Sunday, serving this remote part of China with everything the locals need. At the livestock market just outside of Kashgar, watch camels, yaks, goats and sheep being traded. While in the central market, locals barter over jewelery and clothes, furniture and carpets, food and potions – in fact, you’ll have a job to find something you can’t buy at this extraordinary market.

A market of this magnitude requires expert navigation, which is why a tour will save you a lot of wasted steps (and getting well and truly lost). A section to the north is where the fragrant spice market is found, along with selections of curious musical instruments. You’ll experience the buzziest parts on your tour and see the widest range of colorful knickknacks.


  • Be expertly guided around one of the world’s largest markets

  • Visit the Sunday livestock market, one of the oldest in the world

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