Evening Walk in the Muslim Quarter, Xi'an

You can track the Muslim Quarter back to the times of the Tang Dynasty, when Muslim merchants gathered here on journeys via the Silk Road. Today the city is one of the few in China where you’ll find a strong Muslim community with a palpable sense of religious history. It’s everywhere from the multiple mosques dotted throughout the quarter, to the bustling Muslim restaurant scene here run by the native Hui people.

The Muslim Quarter can be enjoyed at any time, but it’s particularly vibrant at night. On your evening walking tour you’ll wander the cobbled, narrow lanes passing by the butcher shops, oil producers and mosques. You’ll take in the atmosphere and see many locals going about their daily lives, from selling their wares to catching up with friends.

One of the best ways - not to mention tastiest – to learn more about the culture here is to indulge in the local culinary scene. One of the most famous dishes of Xi’an is roujiamo (marinated beef in a freshly baked bun). You might like to try yangrou paomo, a dish of lamb soup soaked pita bread and some Xi’an dumplings are a must. Vegetarians be warned – the street food venues here are a meat-lovers dream!


  • See the vibrant Muslim Quarter at night

  • Try local delicacies

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