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The town of Yangshuo marks the end of the Li River in China’s Guangxi region. It’s an area spiked with vertiginous karst cliffs and it’s the dramatic scenery that attracts visitors here. Most decide to see the countryside around Yangshuo by bicycle, hired by the day. You’ll cycle along dirt roads, through little villages and watch locals work in the paddy fields. After a decent exploration on two wheels, a bamboo raft ride is an excellent way to float down the Yulong River (also known as the Little Li) and commit as much of the glorious and mesmerizing landscape to memory as possible. You’ll travel under ancient bridges and past the incredible Big Banyan Tree. You’ll drift by the Eight Immortals Caves, Rhinoceros Pool and Chaoyang Village.

Given the overall quietness of this beautiful area of China (aside from the somewhat lively, touristic town itself), you might be surprised to learn that one of the major attractions in the area is a large-scale light and music performance known as Liu Sanjie. This outdoor spectacle is staged every night and features a large cast of the local Zhuang minority villagers. The natural surroundings are impressively lit, including masses of twinkling lights on the Li River.

In the town of Yangshuo itself, you’ll find good and cheap places to eat, collections of souvenir shops and all the amenities you’d expect in a town catering for the tourists that come here to marvel at the remarkable scenery. Head up to a rooftop bar at dusk, order a sundowner and take a moment to appreciate the surrounding karst scenery. You’ll feel a world away from the bustle of the streets below.


  • The night time spectacular, Liu Sanjie, is an unmissable outdoor performance

  • One of China’s most picturesque areas with karst scenery and pretty rivers

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