Vacations to Candi Dasa, Indonesia

With its laidback vibe and coastal location, Candi Dasa is a great spot to stay in east Bali. It’s best known for its freshwater lagoon dotted with pretty waterlilies, but it also makes an excellent base for exploring this corner of Bali.   

From Candi Dasa, you can reach a variety of Hindu shrines, but the top of your list has to be the Goa Lawah temple and bat cave. It consists of a sprawling complex of ancient shrines and dates back to the 11th century when it was built by a Hindu priest.  It also has rather unusual inhabitants: a hefty bat population!   

But it’s not just about ancient history here, it’s also a great spot for nature lovers and hikers. Combine them both with a hike up the stunning Mount Lempuyang and after you’ve climbed the 1,700 steps, you’ll find Pura Lempuyang – the oldest Balinese temple. The views from the top are absolutely stunning and you’ll be able to see out to Mount Agung.   

The islands offshore offer excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities. All three nearby islands - Gili Mimpang, Gili Tepekong and Gili Biaha – boast waters teaming with wildlife including corals, turtles, seahorses, manta rays and sharks.   

And when it’s time to eat, seafood fans will be in their element. There are a range of different eateries along the main coastal road in town. Whatever you do, try the local delicacy of Satay Lilit, a minced fish satay. While most of the cafes serve alcohol, this not a party town so don’t expect a lively late-night scene. It’s more about rest and relaxation in Candi Dasa.   


  • Visit the ancient Goa Lawah temple and see its bat population

  • Be treated to incredible views after hiking up Mount Lempuyang 

  • Check out the town centre lotus lagoon

  • Go snorkeling or diving on the nearby islands

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Map of Candi Dasa