Vacations to Java, Indonesia

For the adventurous traveler, there is plenty to see and do in Java. The most densely populated island in the world also offers up stunning natural marvels, major national parks, rainforests, savannah, plantations, big waves, and one hundred and twenty-one volcanoes. Even with the high population and big, bustling cities, the island has many unspoiled natural wonders. 

Excess is the watchword for Java, extreme natural landscapes and cities that defy imagination; buzzing, sprawling metropolises that you could spend a lifetime exploring. With its complex and varied cultural melting pot, Java is a compelling and fascinating island, and the heart of Indonesia. 

Plunge right into the thick of the Javanese melting pot in Jakarta, a fast-paced city with fantastic shopping and a huge array of cuisine to choose from, or head to Yogyakarta for a wealth of traditional Javanese crafts, or a visit to the royal family’s leisure gardens. 

Of course, you can’t come to Java without visiting Magelang to see the famous temple complex at Borobudur, and you don’t want to miss the natural power and majesty of Mt Bromo’s live volcano.


  • Exciting big city life in Jakarta

  • Immersive traditional culture in Yogyakarta

  • The desolate beauty of Mt Bromo

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Map of Java