Vacations to Toraja, Indonesia

In the isolated highlands of SulawesiTana Toraja, the ‘Land of the Heavenly Kings’ is home to a vibrant traditional culture.  Set against a backdrop of blue misty mountains are stunning vistas of bright green rice terraces and tall limestone outcrops. 

The locals practice a unique blend of Christianity and their ancient animist (ancestor worship) religion; the region is known for their unique funerary rites.  Visitors are welcome to watch the funeral ceremonies, however there are other activities on offer.  The jungle clad hills are a good option for trekking; cycling and motorbiking are great transport options for viewing the local area. 

The surrounding villages offer a vibrant and very photogenic landscape with their elaborately painted houses with boat-shaped roofs - all encompassed by the bright green hues of the the surrounding rice terraces. 

This region also produces world-renowned coffee and it is well worth it to taste it at the source, in the midst of beautiful and vibrant Tana Toraja. 


  • Immerse yourself in an ancient, unique culture

  • Attend a tomate, and visit the cliff-side burial sites

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Map of Toraja