Walk the Nishiki Food Markets, Kyoto

If you’re a self-confessed foodie with a taste for Japanese cuisine, this is the trip for you. You’ll head to the meeting point in front of the Daimaru department store and, together with your local guide, you’ll set off. First up you’ll head to the bustling Nishiki Market where you’ll wander the narrow shop-lined streets and see all of the weird and wonderful produce and food on offer.

Peruse delights such as pickled vegetables, wasabi salt, delicious Japanese sweets and yakitori skewers. While you’re in the area drop into Aritsugu for some of the best Japanese chef's knives money can buy. Your guide will help you select the right ingredients for your cooking class, pay attention as this is a great way to learn about local Japanese produce.

Once you’ve finished up at the market you’ll travel through the back streets and lanes of Kyoto with your guide, stopping off at a traditional townhouse for a spot of sake tasting. From there you’ll head on to another wooden townhouse for your Japanese cooking class. Here you’ll learn how to prepare Japanese classics including rolled sushi and miso soup. You’ll also try your hand at a cooked salad as well as prepare some seasonal fruit for dessert. After all your hard work it’s time to tuck in!


  • Visit the bustling Nishiki Market

  • Learn how to prepare Japanese classics like sushi and miso soup

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One of the things I love most about Japan is that it is a country of contrasts. From the vibrant, modern cities bustling with life to the tranquil countryside, interspersed with traditional villages and soothing landscapes. Also, let’s not forget the incredible Japanese cuisine. No matter where you go, the food is delicious! There are so many things that keep me coming back time and time again.

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