Nam Nern Night Safari, Nam Et-Phou Louey

Your in-depth exploration of Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area begins bright and early at the village of Ban Son Koua. An expert guide will be waiting to take you on a short tour to learn about daily life in the village. Next, you’ll board a longboat, skilfully helmed by your boatman who’ll take you on a late morning journey along the Nam Nern River. You’ll learn about rice cultivation and spot some creatures nestling along the riverbanks. Eventually, you’ll reach the park substation and you’ll be shown to your riverside bamboo hut and feast on lunch prepared by the village cooking group.

With a full belly, your journey upriver continues. You’ll disembark to hike into the forest to visit a salt lick. Your guide will explain how the locals use tracks and scat at the salt lick to track deer. Back on your longboat, you’ll journey deeper into the jungle where you’ll have a picnic dinner around a campfire. Your guides will captivate you with Khmu folktales, mysterious ghost stories and dragon legends. This is also the time you’ll need to listen carefully – you’ll be briefed on the rules of spotlighting during your night tour and what you should expect to see once the sun sets on Nam EtPhou Louey.

You’ll depart again once it’s totally dark, floating down the river with the engine off in almost complete silence. Your guide will have a headlamp to spot wildlife, and if they do, they’ll give you a signal to switch on your own torch to take a better look. Hopefully you’ll see deer, otters, loris, porcupine and owls. Fireflies flicker in the inky blackness and you’ll hear mysterious rustling in the riverbank that will test your steeliness!

After a night’s sleep in a Lao-style hut, you’ll take an early morning jungle walk and learn about the medicinal plants that grow there and how the locals use them in remedies. Then it’s back on-board your longboat one last time for a leisurely drift back to Ban Son Koua.

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