Vacations to Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs, Mongolia

The Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park is a hot spot for adventurers visiting Mongolia. While the singing sands of Khongoryn Els and the ice canyon of the Yol Valley steal the headlines and top the itineraries of visitors to the national park, some would argue the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag are even more memorable.

Bayanzag is found just outside of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park. It’s an ancient sea bed, which dried up more than 60 million years ago to create a landscape that looks more Martian than Mongolian. The colossal cliffs stand monolithic at the heart of miles of desolate desert. In the evening, as the sun sinks lower, its rays hit the deep red sands of the cliffs of Bayanzag and transforms them into a wall of fire.

The ‘flaming cliffs’ moniker was first coined by the legendary explorer Roy Chapman Andrews who was the first to excavate this ancient sea bed. His findings astounded the world. On his first expedition in Bayanzag, Andrews discovered ten new dinosaurs and made the trip to Ulaanbaatar with 70 camels carrying his fossils. He later went on to find the first ever nest of dinosaur eggs.

Ordinarily, Mongolia is the country for unleashing your inner Genghis Khan while galloping across the great plains of the Mongol Steppe and hunting down the surviving Buddhist temples. However, here in Bayanzag, follow in the footsteps of Roy Chapman Andrews and you never know what you might find in Mongolia.


  • See the Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert

  • Unleash your inner Indiana Jones

  • Follow in the footsteps of explorer Roy Chapman Andrews

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