Vacations to Jargal Jiguur, Mongolia

Along the main road between Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar and Lake Khovshol, ‘the blue pearl of Mongolia’, you will find Jargal Jiguur.

Jargal Jiguur is a place of peace and relaxation and is the name of the area’s hot natural sulfuric springs. For generations, this area has been cherished by locals for the restorative powers of its waters. At the point where the spring emerges from the ground, the water is a scalding 158 degrees Fahrenheit, but thankfully, the Jargal Jiguur hot springs have been piped into two separate male and female bathing pools within a luxury spa. It has its own traditional ‘ger’ camp too. Don’t judge a book by its cover – from the outside, this traditional nomadic camp doesn’t look like much, but inside you’ll find all your creature comforts. The camp and spa have modern toilets, baths, rooms and a good restaurant.

Jargal Jiguur sits at the base of a ridge of mountains, with pastures filled with local herds of goats and sheep. If you choose to stay in the area, you’ll have time to take a scenic walk along the Khonjil River. If you follow it north for three kilometers, you’ll reach the small town of Jargalant. You can also visit any number of authentic yak farmers in the area or go fishing in the Ider river basin.


  • Take a break from the road between Ulaanbaatar and Lake Khovsgol

  • Bathe in the luxury natural hot springs of Jargal Jiguur

  • Hike along the Khonjil River and soak up the scenery

  • Enjoy the creature comforts of the spring’s traditional camp

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