Vacations to Jingmai, China

Jingmai Mountain and its woodland of ancient tea trees are located at the southern end of Yunnan, near the border with Burma. Time here is well spent exploring the world’s oldest tea cultivating region, amid trees that are over 2,700 years old. Jing Mai remains home to the Bulang and Dai hill tribes, who have been growing and enjoying the regions teas for over a thousand years and still reside in traditional homes.

Situated some 5,000 feet above sea level, the tea plantation is regularly shrouded in an ethereal mist that adds to the magical tranquility of the region. Established since the Chinese Sung Dynasty, tea growing here has flourished thanks to the fertile soil and an optimum climate. Its remoteness and isolation are also beneficial, far from the pollutants of cities.

The Jingmai-Mangjing tea garden is considered one the best preserved in the world, with experts around the globe declaring it a ‘Natural Tea Tree Museum’. It continues to be a source of the world’s tea culture and a base for commercial production. It is also increasingly becoming a key destination for Pu’er tourism, with visitors keen to learn more about traditional tea culture and heritage.  

One of the best ways to spend time in Jingmai is with a tea tasting session. These are run at several locations and at some you can enjoy a traditional light lunch beforehand. The tea tasting itself is both a science and an art: first, a tea table is prepared, with many crafted out of solid wood and featuring intricately carved works of art. The tea table is laid with a lidded bowl, a pitcher and small cups. Each table has a draining system to allow the first brew, used to wash the tea, to be discarded. During the tasting, you’ll learn proper tea-drinking etiquette, understanding that respect and a slow pace are essential, and sample a variety of tea including fermented, green and oolong.


  • Visit the world’s oldest tea growing region

  • Go tea tasting with local experts

  • Enjoy the ethereal and mountainous countryside

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