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Once regarded as faraway lands, accessible only to those with enough time and determination to make the impossibly long journey, the countries of Australasia and The South Pacific have long captured the imagination. With tales of strange flora and fauna, endless starry skies, incredibly vibrant sunsets, extraordinary native cultures, untouched tropical beaches and vast and diverse wilderness landscapes, it’s not difficult to understand why the South Pacific has been enticing adventurous Europeans for centuries.

These days, embarking on a journey down under is a much easier, and far more enjoyable venture. Flight stopover cities are destinations in themselves, with many travelers choosing to extend their trip by exploring the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles and many more.

Australia’s tourist industry has boomed in recent years, and its cities have boomed with it, becoming some of the cultural powerhouses of the region. From vibrant, sophisticated Melbourne in the south to tropical Darwin in the north, Australia offers a vast array of experiences – on a vast geographic scale. Landscapes range from the most parched deserts to the most lush, primordial rainforest – among the oldest rainforests on the planet – while it is also host to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World: the 2,600km long Great Barrier Reef. Australia’s chronology is no less vast; Aboriginal cultures here stretch back 40,000 years, and possibly more. All this offers endless opportunities for adventure – and if that’s not your bag, there’s always the surf beaches and world-class wines to enjoy.

New Zealand is a relative latecomer to the serious tourist scene, but thanks in part to the exposure its stunning landscapes were given by the Lord of the Rings films – directed by local boy Peter Jackson – it too has undergone a tourism boom. Approximately the same size as the UK and with a similar temperate island climate, its entire population is tiny in comparison – just over half the population of London – making for huge, pristine open spaces quite unlike anything in the British Isles. With a rich Maori culture to explore and wines that are a match for any in the world, it’s become a favored destination and is a fabulous point from which to explore deeper into the South Pacific.



  • Sample some of the world’s greatest beaches and 40,000 years of Aboriginal culture

  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand’s Milford sound

  • Dive with tropical marine creatures off the Great Barrier Reef

  • Tour New Zealand’s vineyards and sample some of the finest wines in the world

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