Vacations to Denali National Park

Denali National Park is an Alaskan icon. Home to North America’s highest peak, it’s a wild terrain that spans boreal forest and arctic tundra, safely protecting the rich variety of wildlife, flora and fauna that thrive here.

If you’re fortunate enough to catch the mountains on a clear day, the imposing sight of Denali is unforgettable. But even if the snowy peaks are hidden by the clouds, Denali National Park won’t disappoint. It’s a summer-time adventure utopia, with a roster of activities to experience the park in different ways, including hiking, camping, rafting, ziplining, fishing and flightseeing. But the fun of Denali National Park doesn’t stop in winter - there’s dog mushing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling on the agenda, finished off with sighting the wonderful Northern Lights.

Denali’s extraordinary peak tempts confident mountaineers to attempt its challenge, while less intrepid (or time-pushed) visitors hop on bus tours to spot Denali National Park’s moose and caribou in comfort. Some choose to tackle the parkland by bicycle or by walking some of the 90-mile Denali Park Road. The chance to see Alaska’s bears is a major draw of Denali National Park, with black bears often spotted in the forested areas. Grizzly bears mostly live on the open tundra and can usually be easily seen by visitors along the Park Road.


  • Spot grizzlies on the Denali Park Road

  • Marvel at the enormity of Denali mountain

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I have been lucky enough to travel the rugged state of Alaska fairly extensively and it really is like nowhere else on earth. The memories of the vast, sparsely populated open spaces, larger than life mountain ranges and incredible, and prominent, wildlife will keep me in awe for a long time to come.

Map of Denali National Park

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