Vacations to Fairbanks, Alaska

With a latitude of 65 degrees north, Fairbanks has a pretty amazing position on planet earth. It’s Alaska’s second largest city, with its 100,000 residents coping with extremes of temperature, from wintertime lows of -58°C and summertime highs in the mid-70s. Sunrises and sunsets are protracted and spectacular and the sky takes on a whimsical life of its own with the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun from April to August and the Northern Lights from August to April.

But it’s not just the sky that makes Fairbanks extraordinary. It’s an inviting and vibrant city that has thrived in its remote location, offering its residents and visitors a seriously good arts scene, a charming downtown and rich cultural experiences. Step aboard an Alaskan sternwheeler on the Chena and Tanana Rivers to learn more about dog mushing and native culture while you spot wildlife on the riverbanks. You’ll also hear tales of the gold rush that made Fairbanks a boom town.

The Chena River State Recreation Area in Fairbanks is a prime spot to spend an afternoon spotting moose or leisurely paddling a canoe, kayak or raft on the Chena River. It’s also where the Angel Rocks Trailhead is found, an eight-mile hike that leads to hot springs pools. While it’s easy to spend all of your time outdoors exploring Fairbanks (well, in the summer at least), the Museum of the North shouldn’t be missed with it's impressive exhibits of natural history and art.

Arctic Circle tours depart from Fairbanks, whisking wannabe explorers 200 miles north to the tundra landscape. Time it right and you might catch migrating caribou or even sight a polar bear. Trips up the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay – also known as the Haul Road – also begin in Fairbanks.


  • Be dazzled by the Aurora Borealis, or catch the Midnight Sun

  • Journey into the Arctic for a polar adventure

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I have been lucky enough to travel the rugged state of Alaska fairly extensively and it really is like nowhere else on earth. The memories of the vast, sparsely populated open spaces, larger than life mountain ranges and incredible, and prominent, wildlife will keep me in awe for a long time to come.

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