Tea Museum and Tea Tasting Tour, Munnar

On this tour you’ll gain an insight into the importance of the tea estates that surround Munnar and an understanding of the region’s interesting history. You’ll start off with a tea tasting experience to put your own taste buds to the test. Tea-tasters in Munnar have no easy job, with huge sacks going to auction for dealers to bid so as to make the perfect blend.

You’ll then have time to explore the museum with various antiques preserved from the colonial era and understand some of the history of the different estates in the region. You’ll also visit the factory which shows you how tea leaves arrive fresh from the plant and go through a series of processes which ready them for the perfect brew.   

You can also pop into the Nallathani Estate to see up close how the tea is grown and cultivated. If you’re lucky there might be local tea pickers, so you can see the impressive speed at which they select only the useable tea leaves for production.


  • See the process of tea production in a tea factory

  • Put your taste buds to the test in a tea-tasting experience

  • Understand the history of the tea estates in the region

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