Stargazing in San Pedro, Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert offers miles and miles of uninterrupted desert views - dramatic, powerful and bare. Turning your gaze upward come nightfall offers a whole other spectacle - a gleaming canopy of stars and galaxies, light years away above your head.

Whether you’re already quizzed-up on the wonders of the night’s sky, or a total beginner, this Atacama star observation trip from San Pedro will be infinitely rewarding. Northern Chile, after all, is the site of some of the world’s most important international observatories.

An expert will explain the basics of astronomy to you, pointing out some of the spectacular highlights and features you can take in from this southern hemisphere viewpoint. See galaxies aglow across the sky above you, the odd shooting star stripping across your field of view, and see the moon in all its glory, like never before - taking pictures through your telescope, or simply taking it all in.

The observation centre (San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Observatory, or SPACE) is situated close to the Tropic of Capricorn, in San Pedro de Atacama. This small village of around 5000 people is set in stunning surroundings, from the Geysers of the Tatio, to the altiplanic lagoons, dotted with flamingos. 

Tours take place all month, except around full moon. The tour is spent outside, so warm clothing is highly advised.


  • Fun for all the family as an expert is onhand to guide you to the wonders of the night’s sky

  • See some of the clearest views in the world of the stars above us and be mesmerised by Chile’s vast desert landscapes

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