Chiloé Island boat trip, Puerto Varas

Leaving your hotel in the early hours of the morning, you’ll be taken south from your base in Puerto Varas towards Pargua and onto a ferry which will take you to Chiloé Island, a place where people have been settled for thousands of years.

Here, you will get to know the myths and ancient legends that have defined the area and its native population, a truly special people who will welcome you with open arms. Once you have taken in your surroundings, your excursion will begin properly.

Your first stop will be at the Bay of Caulín, a bird sanctuary which contains a diverse and rich collection of animals and stunning beaches. Over 60 species and 1,500 individual birds have been observed to live side by side at certain points of the year, giving you the opportunity to see Black Necked Swans, Herons, Rayador Birds and pink Flamingos if you’re lucky.

After taking in the wildlife, you’ll head to Ancud, the northernmost town on the island and former capital. Once more, you will be given a brief insight into the lifestyle of the island’s inhabitants, known as ‘Chilotes’ in Chile. The colourful houses upon stilts will catch your eye, while fortifications built during the War of Independence can be observed all around the town.

Once you have absorbed enough history and local culture, your journey will continue along the northern coast of Chiloé, before reaching Puñihuil, the final destination.

Weather permitting; a small boat will take you to a rocky outcrop from where you can take in spectacular views of the Magellanic and Humboldt penguin colony, the only place in the world where the two-species nest side by side. As a truly unique place on earth, this is an experience to savour.

Once you have taken in the scene, you’ll be transported back to your hotel in Puerto Varas.

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