Maipo Valley vineyards tour, Santiago

This full day tour of the magnificent Maipo Valley offers beauty in every form. As you wander through one of Chile's most exquisite wine-producing regions, you’ll start to see just what is so special about this enchanting valley. Situated just south of the bustling capital city of Santiago, homegrown grapes and wonderful wines abound at every turn. From the rich flavours of reputable Cabernet Sauvignon, to the lush greens of the Maipo Valley itself, this tour is an absolute must-do for wine enthusiasts.

Your first foray in this extensive valley of vineyards will be a visit to the Santa Rita Winery. Idyllically located on the  Maipo Valley slopes, the Viña Santa Rita is well known for its wines but also its historical significance. After all, it was here that one of the most important battles in the history of the liberation of Chile took place.

When it comes to the tantalising tastings, you can marvel at the lush green gardens as you sip. And as you soak in the knowledge - and flavours - of such a stunning selection of wines, you’ll also take in the knowledge of such a historical time, as the tour seeks to honour Chilean hero Bernardo Higgins, who found himself about to be captured by Spanish forces.

After the tastings you'll dine in the famous restaurant “Doña Paola” before exploring the fascinating Andean museum, with over 800 pieces of pre-Colombian art on offer for your viewing pleasure.

From one impeccable tasting tour to the next, you’ll head on over to the nearby Perez Cruz Winery to uncover another sparkling selection of fine red wines. Belonging to the famous “Ruta de Vino del Maipo Alto,” this experience offers a choice of tours, both of which include a tasting of either two select ‘reserva’ wines, or the entire Perez Cruz line.



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I found world class wine, amazing food and wonderful people everywhere I went in Chile. Riding on horseback through Torres del Paine National Park was the perfect way to travel through the breathtaking landscape of this iconic part of the world.

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