Laguna Bonita hike, Torres del Paine

This is a relaxing, low-intensity half-day hike through the wonderful Coigüe tree forests, so it doesn’t demand a great deal of physical exertion. This will allow you to really take in your surroundings and get lost in the colourful scenery.

You'll appreciate the orchestra of local birdsong along with the spectacular backdrop of the Paine Massif. Bird-lovers among you will be particularly impressed with the variety and range of bird species.

There are a number of special locations we will be passing during your walk through our private reserve. Laguna Bonita is the perfect place to feel the pulses of nature in peace, tranquility and reflection.

You will be surprised by the unspoilt quality of this area. The delightful Coigüe trees add to the tapestry of colour provided by the Porteño and Toro Lakes as well as the Bonita and Maravilla Lagoons.

There is no better short hike to really capture the glory, majesty and solitude which is the essence of wild Patagonia. Taking the time to contemplate nature at its most beautiful is at the heart of this excursion.

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