La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour, Central Valley

Put on your trusty hiking shoes and take a walk though one of the most enchanting landscapes in Costa Rica. From exotic birds and striking butterflies to roaming rescued jaguars and utterly dazzling cascades all hidden within this breathtaking paradise, you won’t believe your eyes as you take it all in.

Located on the slopes of the Poas volcano, experience this famous and private 70-acre reserve in an eco-friendly way. Combining the magic of dreamlike cloud forest with lush, tropical rainforest, walk the winding paved trails as you head towards the main attraction, the 5 natural, free-flowing white waterfalls. Prepare to be blown away as you spend time absorbing the beauty of these unforgettable cascades, but don’t forget your raincoat as it may get a little wet!

As you make your way through this striking landscape, you’ll discover amazing exhibits with animals which have been rescued from captivity. Uncover a resplendent hummingbird garden, showcasing 26 different species, where you might even be able to get a little hands on by feeding these gentle creatures. Next on the agenda is a colourful walk through the butterfly garden where you can learn all about the life cycle and metamorphosis of these intriguing insects.

And if you’re feeling brave? Head to the Serpentarium, which exhibits 30 of the most beautiful and deadly snakes of the country including the golden eyelash viper. For another fun-filled attraction, be sure to visit the Ranarium, where frogs hop around freely through a landscaped enclosure. Make sure you bring your camera as this is the perfect moment for an action photograph.

Once you’ve encountered the native wildlife of this spectacular enclosure, you’ll move on to the historical La Casita de la Paz, enjoying a traditional Costa Rican experience. Providing cultural awareness into the lives of rural Costa Ricans, this splendid farmhouse reproduction was built using farming tools which would only have been available a century ago. It’s the perfect way to finish this memorable and traditional tour.


  • Get up close and capture the magic of the 5 dazzling waterfalls

  • Walk through the eye-catching butterfly garden

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