Vacations to the Middle East & Indian Ocean

If you savor the finer things in life, as well as the world's most beautiful beaches, look no further than a vacation to the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.

Whether you’re traveling with kids or enjoying a romantic break, the spectacular islands of the Indian Ocean have plenty to offer. For those who value their privacy, the Maldives is ideal. Comprised of multiple atolls, each with its own individual charm, and you can experience the highest level of luxury and service here without having to brush shoulders with other vacationers.

Sri Lanka is an all-rounder, renowned for its beach resorts, ancient temples and incredible wildlife. Animal lovers will be in their element in the national parks, home to vast numbers of leopards and elephants, which beach bums can relax on the stunning coastline.

If you're searching for a couple's getaway, you may want to consider the Seychelles. Visit Vallee de Mer, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Praslin, bursting with colourful wildlife and flora, or simply recline hand in hand with your loved one on one of the Seychelles' many beautiful beaches. 

Don't be fooled into thinking the Indian Ocean is all about peace and quiet, though. Mauritius also lends itself well to family vacations, with a bit more of a buzz about it, and plenty of child-friendly accommodation to suit all parties. Golf enthusiasts will also feel at home here, with countless courses to tee off from, surrounded by stunning vistas. 

With year-round sunshine and a near-limitless range of things to experience, a vacation to the Middle East offers beach, city and desert all in one destination. It’s also a great stopover on the way to the beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is formed of seven states, each with their own impressive accolades. There are spectacular beaches where you can enjoy all types of watersports, while back on dry land you have some of the world’s most impressive golf courses, spas, restaurants and shopping. Head to the desert and try sand skiing or dune bashing – there really is something for everyone.

Bordering the UAE, the rich heritage and rugged landscape of Oman are vastly underappreciated compared to its more famous neighbors. Split into three distinct areas, you can gain an insight into Arab traditions in small towns, stretch out on the pristine coastline or explore the towering mountain range of Al Hajar.


  • Cast your gaze upwards to the Burj Khalifa; the world’s tallest building, in extravagant Dubai

  • See the world’s largest hand-loomed carpet or ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster in Abu Dhabi

  • Visit Oman’s Wadi Ghul, a kilometer-deep trench that is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Arabi

  • Whether you're a watersports afficionado or simply a beginner, there are endless opportunities to go snorkelling and diving

  • The Indian Ocean is made for relaxation so find a sunbed, order your favorite cocktail and unwind

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