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Dizzying skyscrapers, jagged desert mountains, palatial mosques and sweeping sand dunes; a trip to the United Arab Emirates will mesmerise you from the moment you touch down. It may have a reputation for shopping, glamour and impressive architectural feats that seem to come straight out of a sci-fi film set, but you won’t have to look far if you’re after more than glitz and glam. Its traditional Bedouin culture, old school souks and breathtaking desert valleys will charm you as much as the contemporary razzle dazzle of its cities.

In Dubai, you’ll have to rub your eyes several times to believe what you see is real. Here you can see camels trekking through opulent beach resorts against a backdrop of futuristic, city high rises. At night you can sip cocktails on glamorous roof terraces with heart-stopping views of the bright city while lunching in the desert, Bedouin-style, during the day.

You can haggle in the traditional souks for a bargain or head to downtown Dubai for the biggest designer labels in the most luscious shopping complex you’ve ever seen. Dubai is also an ideal place to organise day trips to the desert where you can marvel at the mysterious and epic dunes that spread out into the distance for an eternity. 

Abu Dhabi, the Emirate's swish capital, doesn’t disappoint either. It has plenty to offer culture vultures: the extraordinary Louvre Abu Dhabi showcases world-class art from around the world in one of the most striking art galleries in the world.

For a completely different scene, head to the Hajar Mountains, which have striking views of jagged valleys and dried out riverbeds. Here you can appreciate nature by bird-watching, hiking and trekking through the mountains. 

The cuisine reflects the cosmopolitan country surrounding it, bringing in delicious food from around the world. Whether you’re looking for French or Thai food, you’ll find high quality restaurants to satisfy your cravings.

To eat like a local is to eat cuisines from all over the globe. But there are many unique flavors you can tuck into; drop by a local tea shop with spiced beverages or, if you’re feeling particularly intrepid, you can even try stuffed camel.


  • Admire some of the world's most impressive architecture

  • Luxurious coastal resorts where you'll be treated like a queen

  • Beautiful desert landscapes offering a look into traditional Bedouin life

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