Vacations to Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine is the most famous of all of Chile’s national parks. And for very good reason - the wild, rugged scenery is simply spectacular.

As destinations go, it’s pretty far flung so you’ll have to make an effort to get here. But we can’t tell you more emphatically how the journey is worth your while. Lakes of the deepest shimmery blue await you, fast-flowing rivers and the inconceivably colossal Grey Glacier that has an alien-like glow. There are forests in hues of jade and emerald and those three imposing granite pillars, Paine Massif, after which the park is named. It’s Earth’s wilderness at its finest.

It’s up to you how you explore the park. You could hike the numerous trails (handily, they are clearly marked), or speed up your progress by exploring the vast landscape by mountain bike or on horseback. We also recommend hiring a 4X4 as an alternative way to explore the area. Driving along the winding dirt roads through the expansive, breath-taking landscape certainly makes for an unforgettable experience! The best way to get up close to the glaciers is by joining an expedition vessel and heading out on those azure lakes.

Be sure to try and spot the guanacos, one of South America’s largest mammals. They live in herds and can run at an impressive speed over the steep and rocky terrain of Torres del Paine. Ñandúes, condors and elusive pumas also call the park home.

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