Vacations to the Central Valley, Costa Rica

Feel invigorated by the refreshing hillside walks, charming rural villages and slopes of the Poas that grow Costa Rica’s tastiest coffee beans. Due to its temperate weather that is always between 59-86 degrees, it's perfect for walking and there’s plenty to explore in this region. You can enjoy epic, panoramic views of the valley, which are bursting with vegetation, lush greenery and coffee plantations. If you’re a coffee lover, the small hillside villages are great for sipping a fresh cup of joe while marveling at the slopes it’s grown on.  

Nestled in the mountain ridges of the Central Valley are several quaint, friendly and agricultural villages. Here you can get a taste of rural life, where everyone seems to know each other, and greet you with a ‘buenas dias’. Many Costa Ricans and international visitors alike choose to stay here forever, deciding to buy retirement homes and lay their roots down forever. You’ll see why once you’ve got a taste of the easygoing lifestyle and a mouthful of the local specialties. High-quality cheeses and freshwater fish grilled straight from the river top the menu at local eateries and markets.  

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all calm and quiet in the Central Valley though. Active volcanoes, Poas and Irazu, occasionally rumble in the distance. There are also incredible white-water rafting experiences to be had if you want to chase some Class V rapids. 

But life in the Central Valley is all about restoring your zen. The astoundingly beautiful mountainscapes make the Central Valley a welcome retreat for those looking for cooler temperatures and a slower pace of life. Just one gulp of the fresh highlands air will fill you up with wellness. 


  • Breathtakingly beautiful countryside

  • Coffee farms

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The Central Valley Trip Ideas

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