Vacations to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Step onto the silky sands of the secluded beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. It may be the smallest of Costa Rica’s National Parks but its rich wildlife, pristine beaches and clear waters make it the most visited in the country. From the lush, forested mountain sides to the wide, clean beaches, wherever you turn your head, you’ll be surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful views.  

The park’s abundant blossoms, mango trees and colorful butterflies make the most simple walks magical. Home to 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds, the dense forest caws, chirrups and rustles with life. On forest hikes, you may be able to spot dozing sloths, spiny-tailed iguanas and bright-beaked toucans. The friendly monkeys will almost certainly seek you out and the rare squirrel monkeys are particularly adorable.  

The beaches are ideal for snorkeling, sea kayaking, scuba diving and swimming, while in the forests, you can bike and hike through the  beautiful hillside terrain. For relaxation, get comfortable at a hidden and cozy beach cove and sip fresh coconut water while sunbathing and watching the waves. You may even catch a glimpse of a dolphin or whale. A few vendors line the beaches so you can enjoy a drink but nature dominates this resort.  

Due to the protection offered by the Manuel Antonio National Park, the beaches and forests are clean, respecting the area’s incredible biodiversity. There is a small village in the national park, where you can enjoy delicious local fare and buy fresh fruit from the weekly market. With stunning white sand beaches and abundant forest, life at Manuel Antonio National Park is a truly blissful paradise. It is a haven for humans and animals alike.  



  • Beautiful coves on pristine beaches

  • Lush vegetation and forest

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