Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Where better to start a gloriously sun-kissed day than in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and biodiverse areas? Put on your most comfortable walking shoes and head to the gem that is Manuel Antonio National Park. Follow your expert guide, as they point out all types of wildlife, making this leisurely nature walk every bit as unique as the National Park itself. You’ll leave this tour a near expert on your own terms, as you learn all about the vibrant, and rich variety of flora and fauna.

Delight as you spot the local residents of this picturesque park, from howler monkeys and sloths to iguanas and an abundance of tiny, colourful crabs. And if you’re really lucky, the poison dart frog in all of its striking splendour might well make a surprise appearance. Not only will you get to see these native creatures but you’ll also get to learn about the diet, habits, and other interesting facts during this unique nature adventure.

Don’t worry about missing out on these exotic animals, as your trusty guide will be well-briefed on all sorts of wildlife whereabouts to increase your chances of spotting these little critters on their adventurous antics. For heightened animal observation, your guide will be handily equipped with a telescope. The charming combination of rainforest, wildlife and vegetation has never looked so good.

At the end of this nature hike, kick off your shoes and sink your toes into soft sands and crisp shores of the nearby beach. Treat your aching limbs to a gentle swim before making your way back home.



  • Meet a variety of wildlife in a unique, native environment

  • Learn interesting facts about the vibrant flora and fauna

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