Holidays to Mexico

It’s the diversity of Mexico that makes it so appealing. It’s so much more than raucous party resorts and all-inclusive fly-and-flops on the Caribbean Sea coast (but hey, the snorkelling there is undeniably first-rate). Mexico is a place that is alive with culture, celebration, contemporary art and an intriguing history. Throw some spectacular mountain, desert and jungle scenery into the mix, and you’ve got a destination that is worthy of your time and discovery.

The enormous and thriving capital, Mexico City, is a fusion of ancient, colonial and modern-day architecture. This is where some of the best of Mexico’s sophisticated and fiery gastronomical treats are found, extending way beyond the stereotypical tacos, delicious though they are. The street food is incredible too – don’t miss trying a messy elotes as a late-night snack.

In the Mexican countryside, there’s an abundance of history, architecture and scenery to be found. Chichén Itzá is one of Mexico’s world-heralded architectural sites so will probably be somewhere near the top of your to-do list, especially if you’re a first-timer to Mexico. Then there’s the archaeological zone of Teotihuacan, known as the City of the Gods. It’s an impressive complex of ruins and the highlight is a challenging climb up the steep steps of the magnificent Pyramids of the Sun and Moon for a reward of a panoramic view.

Ending a holiday with a few days on a beach is never a bad thing. And the climate on both of Mexico’s coasts is perfect for lounging around, dipping toes in a pool or the sea with an icy beverage in hand. The tricky thing is deciding which coast. On the Pacific coast, you can try surfing and whale watching, or even visit Baja California, the stretch of land that extends in a spit down from San Diego in the United States. On the east coast, you’ve got the gentle Yucatan Peninsula and Tulum, which is a better option if underwater explorations are on your agenda.

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  • Beautiful beaches

  • Some of the world's best spas

  • Delicious cuisine

Key Info

  • Captal City: Mexico City

  • Language: Spanish

  • Currency: Peso

  • Time Difference: GMT -8 to -5 Hours

  • Flight Time: 10 Hours

Map of Mexico

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