Holidays to Panama

Panama is the wiggle of land linking Costa Rica in Central America and Colombia in South America. Famed for its Canal (and rightly so - it’s a mind-boggling feat of engineering), Panama is country of extremes – piercing skyscrapers in modern Panama City (but with historic colonialism in the Casco Viejo district) and an abundance of national parks of deep, untouched rainforest.

The Panama Canal connects the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean via an artificial 80-kilometre waterway. Its secrets can be discovered at the Miraflores Locks Visitor Centre before visiting the elevated observation deck to see humungous ocean liners traversing the locks. Take a boat trip along the canal to experience it first hand, perhaps trying a fishing trip on Gatun Lake, the Canal’s reservoir, to see if you can catch a bass or two. Or discover the biodiversity on Isla Barro Colorado in the middle of lake.

Spot wildlife in the rainforest highlands – probably the only part of this balmy country that you’ll need an extra layer or two. You’ll find the small town of Boquete here, where coffee and flowers are grown in the rich soil. This is where outdoorsy types come to hike and climb, breathing lungfuls of fresh mountain air before rewarding their exertions with a long soak in a hot spring. And of course, sample that excellent coffee.

If you’re dreaming of beachside escapes, Panama should be on your hit list. You can scuba dive with whale sharks in the Pacific, snorkel around the 68 tropical islands of Bocas del Toro and sail around Guna Yala, stopping off at desert islands. Pretty cool, right? If surfing’s on your agenda, head to the sleepy and remote Santa Catalina to catch some serious swells before hopping over to Isla de Coiba, Panama’s largest island, where it’s said humpback, killer and sperm whales roam the waters, and several species of crocodiles, turtles and snakes have made the island home.

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  • Visit the famous Panama Canal

  • View amazing wildlife in Panama's rainforests

  • Endless snorkelling opportunities

Key Info

  • Capital City: Panama City

  • Language: Spanish

  • Currency: Balboa & USD

  • Time Difference: GMT -5 Hours

  • Flight Time: 14h to Panama City

Map of Panama

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