Holidays to Latin America


Glittering glaciers, vast deserts, towering peaks, thriving rainforests, remote sandy beaches, mouthwatering cuisine; the choices are endless in Latin America. 

Chile is one not to be missed. It's one of the most advanced countries in Latin America while still managing to retain much of its indigenous culture. There's so much to see, from the remote Torres del Paine National Park, the volcanoes of the Andes, the Atacama desert to the vineyards of Casablanca Valley and the vibrant city of Santiago. 

Brazil is very trendy at the moment, and it's easy to see why with stunning sunkissed beaches, the bucket list king that is the Amazon Rainforest, and a colourful rhythm that pounds through every heartbeat in this huge country. 

Sultry Argentina beckons tourists with its incredibly diverse landscapes and culture, making it one of those countries where you'll need multiple trips to appreciate all of its treasures. 

Then you've got the Andes mountain range, stretching over the western part of the continent, covering many countries like Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador, all of which are full of hidden gems of their own. 

Lush Costa Rica in Central America is jam packed with adrenaline fuelled activities and varying wildlife. Discover the cloud forest, the white water rapids of Pacuare River and Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. 

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  • Remote private beaches, and atmospheric party beaches dotted between plush rainforest and warm cerulean seas

  • Diverse out of this world scenery, from desert plains, icy glaciers, rainforests and mountains

  • Latin America is becoming one of the world's trendiest food destination, with culinary fusions that combine indigenous dishes with European and sometimes Asian influences

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Countries in Latin America

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