Trip ideas: Sensations

Excite your senses with our Sensation Trips. They’re all about getting to really know a country by exploring its sights, sounds, smells and tastes. You’ll go off the beaten track, to cook with locals, slurp wines in vineyards and see some fabulously unusual sights. These trips can be adjusted for families of all sizes and we can even include child-friendly cooking classes.

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  • Lots of opportunities to cook and eat with the locals
  • VIP access to cooking classes, markets and restaurants, accompanied by renowned chefs and culinary experts
  • Variation in the types of meals you’ll try – from 5* city centre restaurants to more traditional and unusual street food
  • To sample the local drinks, like coffee, wine, whisky, sake and local spirits
  • More than just food and drink; these trips will give you a chance to see all of the unmissable sights
  • To see where locals source their food, from markets to farms 
  • Friendly english-speaking tour guides who know where to find the best food in town
  • Spellbinding moments you’ll remember forever
Harvesting rice in Vietnam's Mekong Delta

From our Travel Designers

"These trips are all about getting under the skin of a destination and fully immerse yourself in the food and culture around you. We’ve designed them with a balance of cities and countryside so you get to experience different culinary styles.”   

Trying Thai street food in Bangkok

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