Trip ideas: Sublime

Luxury beyond luxury, these trips showcase our best accommodation, our most exclusive experiences and the most luxurious destinations we can find. They start and end with chauffeured transfers to the airport, and your whole holiday will be studded with special moments, exclusive access, five-star dining, and face-to-face meetings with the experts.

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  • To be astounded and delighted at every turn
  • VIP treatment from start to finish including VIP sightseeing and access where possible
  • The best tables at restaurants with VIP treatment
  • A slower pace so you can truly indulge in every place you visit
  • Guided tours with experts like archaeologists, historians, scholars – people who live and work in the location to give you the unparalleled insight
  • Some truly out of this world hotels and experiences, like staying in a luxury open air room in a safari park
  • Luxury transport to get you around
  • Opportunity to prebook special requests such as specific rooms, dining at special a location or specific table, spa treatments or celebratory moments
  • Hotel and restaurant staff to know your name 
  • Spellbinding moments you’ll remember forever
The Sarojin waterfall

From our Travel Designers

“We’ve pulled out all the stops with our Sublime Trips. From the moment the front door is locked, the luxury touring experience begins.”

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